Our Services

As your group guide I will be catering for all your needs as regards bait, tuition, boat (constructed by Burke Boat) and engine and Ghillie services if required.

I will also provide the transport to and from the fishing venue. You will need to bring a 10ft 7-9 fly rod for salmon and a 10ft 5-6 rod for trout with floating and sinking fly lines, also required will be a medium weight spinning rod and some lures.

However if you like to travel light, with some advance notice I can arrange rod and any equipment hire.

I will also arrange to obtain any licence/permits that may be required, for each day’s fishing.

We will help to arrange your accommodation and will give you recommendations about the best places for dining and entertainment, shopping or whatever you wish to know.

We have adopted a code of ethics for our services and adhere to this code at all times.

We are Bord Failte approved and insured, and I hold an Advanced National Certificate for the ‘Marine and Countryside Guiding – Game Angling (NTCB)’ course.

The area you have chosen is still very uncommercialised and the local people are welcoming and friendly. The main natural resources in the area are abundant for the course, game and sea angler.